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White Guilt

Chocolates ™

Healing White Guilt one bite at a time
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More Than a Joke

First we laughed, then we healed

White Guilt Chocolates (W.G.C.) is a platform dedicated to facilitating a safe space for productive interactions that promote healing racial division. Additionally, we believe that white guilt unaddressed will create the same toxic hotbed of resentment and mistrust that we are currently combating.This idea started off as a joke. But from it, we thought, "Hey, this is actually a great way to start the conversation". What conversation? The one centered around white guilt. 

The Chocolates: JUNETEENTH
The 1st edition box includes 5 specially handcrafted and curated flavors. Raspberry Reparations, Pineapple Privilege, Nuthin Butta Guilt, All Lives Matta Cake Batter, and Karen's Kookies & Kream.

The flavors are derived from the topics we will cover in our first series of town hall events. But we'll get to that later. 


First Edition Box -holds 5 specially handcrafted and curated flavors

Community Engagement & Events 


Priority #1: A portion of the proceeds will go to workshops and courses to teach Creative Entrepreneurship (how to form businesses from their creative ideas) to underserved and disenfranchised communities. 


Priority # 2: We will also fund the creation of products, events, courses, and workshops centered around healing the racial divide.

Priority # 3: Lastly, laughter is the medicine for the soul.  We will support the creation of online challenges, comedic skits, and virtual events to break the ice and provide a safe space for productive dialogue.


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Thumbs Up
"If you want to view paradise...
Simply look around and view it..

Anything you want to, do it

Want to change the world?...
There's nothing to it"
Pure Imagination

- Willy Wonka -

Meet Amanda Shelby

Founder of, Wholistic Tech Company, The Muthaboardand White Guilt Chocolates™ 

My passion is to help Everyone return to the place of love. My mission is to create a community of support that invokes the spirit of unconditional love, understanding, and abundance.


I believe we all have a unique lens to view the world and contribute.  I also believe we are being called us to activate and initiate the next unfolding in humanity. With Unconditional love, we can help build this new world in a new way. 

This work isn't always easy, and some of it might not feel great (Hence the need for chocolate).  So have a box of chocolate while we deep dive into the main topics and chat about how we can heal, uplifted, and stay high vibrational at a time when it can seem counter-intuitive.

If you know anyone that would benefit from joining this conversation please share.  The more we can touch and agree the more energy we can generate a collective. 

We are not about ignoring the pain and trauma that exist, that is very real. We are about meeting half-way with those who support and consider themselves allies of this movement. 


My hope is that we can help create a shift in perspective. That’s really all we have control over. This is not about saying let’s think positive, this is about going deep within to discover the stories and truths that are no longer serving us and or will not serve the collective we are manifesting.


Unconditional Love is the only way home. 

Peace and Blessings 

Unconditional Love is the only way HOME. 
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