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WHITE GUILT CHOCOLATES: Chocolate Chip on the Shoulder:

A Recipe for Resentment

 See Excerpt below :

"Now, the flip side of this dream trip would find me taking my first voyage to Africa,  my homeland, my Mecca as the only woman and only person of color among a crew of five white men. Little did I know, this would become the most significant trip of my life.

Allow me to add some context. These were not your ordinary white men, these were the “good” guys. Each of them had a heart of gold.  They were young white men that had grown up in the era of gay pride, the feminist movement, and black lives matter.

Still, deeper, through their own struggles during their upbringing, they had come to the awareness of their privilege, and the fact that the unaddressed "toxic white male ego" had global ramifications.

Even with this awareness, and no matter how much they tried, I found myself offended by so much that they were still blind to. The constant triggering left me exhausted and even more ...angry."

A portion of the proceeds are used to support our community engagement efforts, which include, teaching creative entrepreneurship to underserved and or disenfranchised communities.